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Bogalusa Music Group and Magic City Records are located outside New Orleans in Louisiana, nestled near the banks of the Pearl River. The company is owned and operated by Herschel Dwellingham, Mary Dwellingham Marlene Turner-Holt. Erschel Dwellingham is
CEO of EMD RECORDS a new hip-hop label. Tony Gambino is CEO of LITTLE ROUND BOYZ RECORDS.

The music publishing companies are:

612 Argyle Road Music, owned by Herschel Dwellingham and Mary Dwellingham,

Little Lena Music, owned by Marlene Turner-Holt, a.k.a. Marlena Lady Black Lace

The music production companies are:

Herschey Barr Music, owned by Herschel Dwellingham

Black Lace Productions & Records, co-owned by Marlene Turner-Holt a.k.a. Marlena Lady Black Lace
and Magic City Records.

Magic City Records distributes and manufactures the following Labels:

Bogue - R&B, Soul, Rap and Gospel

tik - Jazz, Blues

Ryan - Rock and Roll, World Music

Helva/My Records - Old School Music, owned and operated by Herschel Dwellingham, Alva Dwellingham and family

Yeah, Inc. - featured the artistry of Melvin Van Peebles

Creel - Country

Lil Round Boyz-  Dance, Rock and Pop Music.
owned by the Gambino family.

EMD RECORDS owned by Erschel Dwellingham hip-hop and R&B

BOGUETOWN hipl-hop &  R&B

Bogalusa Music Group Magic City Records has  strived to produce and distribute top of the line music and will continue to bring quality entertainment and enjoyment to the public for many years to come.


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